tiistai 26. marraskuuta 2013


BTBfin community has release new track SS32 KULLILAMPI "DICKLAKE" STAGE by JUSTUP

Server2: (original)

SSTF test drivers have drove the stage at middle of autumn leafs.
Driver: SAIKKELI with N4 group car: "Feeling to the road was comfortable and realistic. Bumbs and jumps keep the concentration at dynamic driving. Autumn textures are candy for eyes. Stage lenght is optimal."


Re-Distributor by Savo Stage Team Finland = SSTF:


Track ReadMe - file

Richard Burns Rally RX-plugins -track.

Track type is Gravel.

The track is located in somewhere in Middle-Finland.

The track is made by Justup and tested by Leka.

You may modify or alter this project only for personal use.

For using objects and /or textures is only my permission.

And Thanks to all who have given me the textures and objekts for this project.

Special Thanks for Savo Stage Team and Jukka Gee and for their Xpack.

And special Thanks to Piddy aka Brendon and BobsTrackBuilder!

- Justup


2 kommenttia:

  1. It is a nice special stage, no doubt about it.

    And this blog itself could be quite useful for years to come, and that is if you someday nailed the location and stuck with it. I may be wrong, but there must have been a dedicated blog for every Finnish special stage ever released. :-)

    However, I do believe it's ill-advised to translate any stage names for international distribution. This particular stage is already known as Kullilampi at RBR+. Not saying that readers' heads will explode because of the sheer confusion or anything, but it's all rather pointless, isn't it? And besides, I'm not sure what to make of the translation anyway, since "a lake" is not "a pond". Perhaps it is intentional and I'm just nitpicking, but who knows? I don't.

  2. I saw that time is right to create this blog. Many others have present usefull blogs and news feed. Now is SSTF turn.

    Yes, you know :) Actually my Draft became published text. Confusion is very easy to have. Now i improve the headline and text contents. BTBfin have lot things and tracks to talk about. Thanks for feedback :)